God . . . Life . . . I


Try as I might I can no longer separate these three little words:  God and Life and I. Which is not to make the claim that “I am god” or “I am life”; but rather to point out that the fundamental sense of ‘I’ is what I used to conceive God to be – namely Life ITself.  There’s no person involved in this equation.

Taken separately, the ‘God’-notion is a mine-field (pun intended).  God is too burdened with beliefs to be a useful concept when it comes to self-inquiry.  It’s a blunt and contaminated instrument; delusional infection is likely.

The ‘Life’ concept is less of a problem, and hard to argue about.  One is, if still breathing, in full awareness of it.  The word is not the thing, but at least we are in accord about what it feels like to be alive.

‘I’ is a hot potato, for in normal parlance language dictates its usage to denote personhood: me, myself, and there are as many versions of what that means as there are beings to think them up.

Strung together, and understood from the wideawake perspective they form a concept that might be more useful.

‘God-Life-I’ has nothing to do with beliefs or persons or language or even self-inquiry, yet IT cannot know ITself without them.

IT’s the self-appointed president of the GLI (glee) club.  Chuckles.


prajnaparamita: formless and timeless and inescapable


The apperception that existence is Life’s dream doesn’t occur simply because someone
drops the concept in your brain.
Their words might be pointers for contemplation, but that’s as far as they can reach.

is the completed assembly
of a jigsaw puzzle in local-mind

each piece of the puzzle represents a life question
which has been experientially resolved

the penultimate piece?
no separate entity here, there or anywhere!

and the ultimate piece?

only unknowable knowingness:
formless and timeless
and inescapable


from i to fixation, via the teeth


it’s true that the word is not the thing
but words can be powerful pointers

it’s fun, and often revealing
to take them apart
and see what can be seen:



see Freud and co

tooth: Fr
(hang on by skin of)

conceptual creature

contingent upon …

unreal, fantasy

neurosis, source of suffering

(she can’t help it; she used to be a teacher)