the thief


Echoes from Emptiness: Miriam Louisa Simons, Ryokan's Moon, mixed media


I was lying there
minding my own business,
(right leg in plaster to the hip)
uninvited, You came into my room
heavily disguised as a thief
and in one gracious sweep of stealth
You grabbed all evidence of my personal identity
and melted into the night –
passport, driver’s licenses, documents,
credit cards, Filofax, address book, wallet,
money, foreign papers and currency

You left me as a paperless refugee
You left me enraged, frustrated, incredulous
but You never frightened me for one moment

and oh, look –

You forgot the moon, again.

Artwork: Ryokan’s Moon, Miriam Louisa Simons, ‘Wonderbox’, mixed media

the artisan’s pathless path


In the studio art works are happening.  As always, they mirror the ‘processes’ happening in the larger lifescape.

Several works begun in the last 10 years of almost constant travel and packed away unfinished have been brought to completion.  They crawled out of their packaging and spoke up.

The midwife was ready.  She had no plans, no designs, no goals.  She just listened carefully.  Felt the pulse, noticed the vital signs … danced the dance that has no known movements or music …

This natural, unschooled way of working unfolds the artisan’s pathless path.