the revelation of wideawakeness


if this wideawakeness fails to erase the dream
of personal doer-ship, you’re still dozing
if it fails to erase the concept
of separate self, you’re still dreaming
if it fails to erase the assumption
of a solid, objective, real world
(ie time and space)
you’re still fantasizing

this is what wideawakeness reveals:
no-thing … Life-ing …
in the boundless non-temporal womb of Creation,
totally nourished and supported
by ITs Light and Grace

sublime . . . s w e e t . . . e  a  s  e

this emptiness is singing with life


pre-dawn paradise:
a softness in the shadowy light
slimmest sliver of peach in the east
kookaburra’s cackle piercing
the expectant marvel
called world


problems and concerns
issues and causes
that used to be upfront in mind
are weirdly absent
noticeably not-happening

the space they vacated is sometimes called the void
but there’s nothing null about it
no vacancy, no gut-gripping nihilism

this Emptiness is singing with life,
pregnant with potential

I cast about for a concept
and this falls out of my pen:
it’s the womb of all Creation