blooming and bobbing the beloved’s beingness


each little diamond in the diagonal trellis
is a window onto a world
made luminous by the rising sun

tiny framed vignettes –
each one a perfectly composed fragment
of the hologram of the Whole

eye lovingly lingers on one composition:
a gerbera bloom, turned to greet the sun,
its petals of iridescent coral reaching,
opening, adoring the light

yes! yes! it nods
and I notice my head is bobbing too:
blooming and bobbing the Beloved’s beingness


on holes and wholeness and holiness


the word ‘healing’ has its root in the same word as ‘whole’
so it really means ‘to make whole’

the dance appears to go like this:
first you get hole-ing happening
-as when the self you took yourself to be
tumbles back into the hole called emptiness
and dis-integrates –
then a holy window of opportunity opens
and aware-ing makes the shift
that brings it back to Itself
the shift to undivided nondual wholeness
which we label ‘awakening’

and finally
all that’s left is
fully healed
and awake to
its incomprehensible