slipping between mind’s tectonic plates …


serendipities, coincidences,
the utterly unexpected and uninvited,
the unintentional and unwilled

these are the hallmarks of life on the

who doesn’t want the Gracious life?
who doesn’t hunger for the magical and synchronous?

(if you say “Not me”
I don’t believe you)

slipping between mind’s tectonic plates
resting as empty-fullness
it’s such a blessed relief to find
that the Gracetrack is exactly
unadorned, uninterrupted, story-free

N   O   W


along comes Grace with a dropkick out of the blue


It’s part of the great Game to imagine that one can do or think anything to help – or hinder – any thing, person, or state – including the appearance we label a body and call ‘me’.

We race around scoring a goal here, losing one there, thinking we know the codes and strategies, (good intentions, valid expectations, responsible control, well trained intellects) when along comes Grace with a dropkick out of the blue.

Grace’s hallmarks are the utterly unexpected and uninvited. Grace drops in and plays for either team (helpers or hinderers) without preference. Grace is the dynamic expression of the big game sponsor: IT.


IT watches from the grandstand
loves both teams equally
cheers all the action
and is unmoved, unaffected
whatever the result