‘true Self’ cannot be experienced


one hears talk of the inexpressible peace of experiencing the ‘true Self’
but how could ‘true Self’ be the object of an experience?

there would have to be a some-thing ‘having’ that experience –
would that be the ‘untrue Self,’ or what?

I found that all experiences of this kind were ‘me’-self
experiencing a subtler, yet still conditioned version of itself

‘true-Self’ is no-thing and experiences no-thing;
It’s this bottom-line awareness,
eternally knowing, awake and alert

inexpressible peace
marks the Presence of the absence
of all versions of ‘me’-self


primal light


flicker of sunlight on leaf
delicate line of light
scooting along spiderweb
soft shadow-dappled light
on patchwork paving


light creates the appearance of form
but all appearance
is shifting shadow-light

the play of luminous shadows
appearing within the primal Light
that is their source and substance

the primal Light
that is one’s true and perfect nature