have you found that which never changes?


this thusness
is the body of beingness
yours, mine, and all the appearances taking the verb
‘to be’

it never moves yet it contains all that changes

have you found that which never changes?
that which  never moves?
that which never knows, labels or holds a belief about anything?

find that – it’s closer than your next thought
and Totality will at last embrace ITself


sit! sit! sink into wondrous spaciousness



there’s a palm frond fluttering and a whistler trying to be mindful
a bird is whistling too, but purposefully

there’s a toddler laughing in the crisp autumn sunshine
and a radio quacking the morning news

there’s toothache and tiredness
but the zafu beckons beguilingly

sit! sit! sink into wondrous spaciousness
the source of all that is being perceived and sensed


how could something called spaciousness
be so alive, alert, aware and utterly unknowable?