creativity and habit are mutually exclusive


Creativity is radical discontinuity in a pattern of thought.
~ David Bohm


Continuity of thought creates tic-toc habitude, linear and time-bound, chugging along like a freight train.

It takes some stopping, and can never be derailed volitionally.


Because the person who imagines they ‘have’ volition is the freight train incarnate.

What stops it in its tracks?

When tic-toc activity is clearly apperceived, creativity creeps through the cracks of habitude, slams on the brakes and the thinker-thought train is derailed.


Genuine creativity is Creation’s non-personal Intelligence in action.


sweet solitary everythingness


in the absence of the ‘seeker’ the sought is ubiquitous

in the absence of a ‘thinker’ no happiness, no suffering

in the absence of the ‘artist’ creation creates, naturally

in the absence of the above notions,
sweet and solitary,
everythingness abides –
unaccountable and unattainable


first find out what thyself is not


when ‘my’ intellect saw for itself
what it is
and what it isn’t,
it spontaneously retreated
and assumed its proper place

its functioning was unimpaired
rather, it seems heightened, sharpened

the ‘thinker’ saw itself as nothing
more nor less than its thoughts,
and both found their place in the order of appearances


“Know thyself,” we’re advised …

easier to first find out what thyself is not