in true vulnerability suffering is impossible


vulnerability = ability to be wounded

it is openness to Life’s slings and arrows
as well as its joys and pleasures

vulnerability is innocence
before the story kicks in

without a story about myself
and without a story about who and what
you are
what is there to be hurt
and what is there to defend?

in true vulnerability, suffering is impossible


just who is this ‘no one’?


no one here to believe or to not believe
no one here to have free-will or to not have free-will
no one here to choose or to not choose
no one here to care or to not care
no one here to surrender or to not surrender
no one here to witness or to not witness
no one here to be humble or to not be humble

but don’t be mistaken dear one
dis-identification isn’t the end of the story:

eradication is