letter to a reformed seeker

Echoes from Emptiness - Cartoon by Michael Leunig


Dear (newly wide-awake) reformed seeker –

If you haven’t yet been called delusional, flakey, misguided, weird, out-of-touch, in denial, crazy, mistaken, blasphemous, arrogant, heretical, evil, a nutter…

If you haven’t been judged, shunned, ostracised, scorned, ignored, rejected, excluded, gossiped about, sent to Coventry…

No worries – there’s still plenty of time.

Seven billion stories (and counting) are poised to project their characters onto the empty pregnant space that you know yourself to be.

Hang in there – if you can find a ‘there’ anywhere. (Chuckles)

When the barbs come thick and fast you’ll be astonished to find that they fly right through your shimmering spaciousness. It’s quite a trip actually!



Cartoon by Michael Leunig

a willingness to disappear


analyze and adapt
diagnose and dialogue
formulate and fix
trance, track, tap:
so many ways to place
patches on the pain
of fragmentation

we call it healing
and invent new modalities by the minute
to ease the symptoms, which also
multiply by the minute, fattening the catalogue
of official psychological disorders

but until the trickster called time
is exposed and deposed
our little healings are just brief remissions
from the ache of incompleteness

to heal is to make whole

that’s why the true sages carry no band-aids
but go straight to the root of fragmentation
– time –
conjurer of the ‘me’-mirage
with its default sense of separation
and its insatiable appetite for union

they know that the ending of time
restores immeasurable wholeness
– no faith, no belief, no training required

only a willingness to disappear
into now and this and here


breath … beingness … beloved


for what appeared to be decades,
(but were only eyeblinks of eternal everness)
I sought the Beloved:

I looked in Your eyes
I looked in Your books
I looked in Your ideas
I looked in Your philosophies
I looked in Your inspirations
I looked in the beauty and horror
of nature
and I looked in the secret drawer
of body’s senses

when I stopped looking?

this breath

this beingness

this Beloved


sweet solitary everythingness


in the absence of the ‘seeker’ the sought is ubiquitous

in the absence of a ‘thinker’ no happiness, no suffering

in the absence of the ‘artist’ creation creates, naturally

in the absence of the above notions,
sweet and solitary,
everythingness abides –
unaccountable and unattainable