the great light is silently watching without eyes


last evening, as sheet lightning,
intense, pure, utterly authoritative,
behind closed eyelids


this dawning day, as a thousand dancing rainbow-lights
thrown around the sanctuary
by one small sun-worshiping crystal


yet neither the ‘inner’ lightning nor the
‘outer’ rainbows are the Great Light
spoken of by the sages and scriptures


no, the Great Light
is that which is silently watching without eyes:

unlit and unknowable
primal incandescence


the great light awares it all


in this eternal now-this-here,
immersed in its suchness
where time has yet to be invented
Life experiences Life

one day pain fills the body
next day it’s gone

one moment there’s a story
next it’s retold

one breath is bliss-blessed
next one is stress-blessed

the Great Light awares it all
and sub-merges when sought
for how could IT ever see ITself?


a miraculous mirage


the apparent, accepted, assumed (and therefore experienced) self
is nothing more than a constellation of attributes
– all acquired –
around an uninvestigated thought

how it comes to be,
how it can be transcended,
and what might occur when it goes,
are more speculations of that assumed self

imagine! – the entire citadel of a self
rests upon a figment of the imagination!

seen with savage directness, the citadel dissolves –
it was merely a miraculous mirage

only naked inescapable Awareness remains

~ ~ ~

a silver shimmering silence sings
through this spacious beatland
called body:
it is the Word of the Great Light
echoing throughout infinite Emptiness