the rabbit hole to wonderland


we are endlessly fascinated with dreams

nocturnal dreams, daytime dreams:
we turn them inside out looking for meaning, guidance, purpose
we record them, manipulate them,
discuss them, compare them

yet the everyday Life-dream
fails to be seen as a phenomenon of the same order

“it’s real life!” we cry

but how can there be any ‘reality’
in a dream? or a dreamer?

it only takes one question,
held in earnest,
asked of your very own experience,
and you’re tumbling down that rabbit hole to Wonderland:

what’s aware of the dream-time?



the wide-awake eyes of emptiness just watch


the term ‘waking up’ is spot-on when
attempting to report the apparent
shift in the brain that occurs –
spontaneously – when it’s directly seen
that no one here ever makes
any kind of decision,
or does anything
at all

the dream of doer-ship dissolves and
Life’s unimaginable livingness seeps
through the cracks in the cocoon
and simply gets on with … living

the wide-awake eyes of emptiness just
watch – whether, or not
the dream dissolves