self is an infinitely mutating mental virus


the notion that one is a dreamer within a dream
can be a subtle refuge for a self still seeking spiritual identification

self-as-dreamer is no different from self-as-‘real’-person:

still selfing
or not-selfing
self-remembering . . .

the entertainment never ends!

self is an infinitely mutating mental virus

but it’s also IT, and ‘I’ is IT to a T

(they don’t call this wisdom ‘crazy’ without good reason . . .)


dreamers all, dreaming in dreamtime


Many seekers chasing something they like to call ‘awakening’ find it so easy to turn ‘the dream’ metaphor into a conceptual object with a conceptual subject – a dreamer who awakens and who thenceforth inhabits some transcendent, problem-free, rarified universe.

She-who-scribbles knows this cunning trick of the mind.  Her ankles bear the scars of those leg-baits.  Once she was lucky enough to be in the presence of Emmanuel when someone suggested to him that the version of Reality to which he referred was “A beautiful thought.”

With his hallmark tenderness he replied, “The entire universe is a beautiful thought.”

How could one ever forget such a line?

It was instantly seen that thoughtland and dreamland are synonymous.  (Can there be a dream without the mechanism of thinking in operation?)

Perhaps ‘the dream-ing’ is more apt a term than ‘the dream,’ for both the dream and the dreamer are Life dreaming, dreaming on, and there is no waking up from Life’s dreamtime!

When one ‘awakens’ within the dream, it is to the dream that it’s all a dream dreaming.

(Background chuckles from dreamer on zafu…)