suchness flies solo


n’ – the ubiquitous dimension of ‘now-this-here’ – is not a thing; it could never be any kind of fixed object with independent existence.  It’s easy to understand that nothing perceived can ever be a solid separate ‘thing’:  in order for any ‘thing’ to be an object, it needs a subject.  And we cannot provide any subject without it turning likewise into an object.  So, what perceives ‘n’ and all its phenomenal contents?

When I stop and sit and shut up, the suchness of ‘n’ is simply apparent as ‘now-this-here’-i n g.

Try as I might, I cannot find a separate perceiver of this suchness.  If it has no subject how can it be an object?  It flies solo.  Yet – it is my source and substance.


awareness, to the ‘n’


wherever one goes,
all places are ‘here’

whatever one perceives,
all phenomena are ‘this’

whenever one’s alive,
all time is ‘now’

this is my acronym-based version
of the mathematician’s ‘n’ degree (nth)
– the now-ing, this-ing, and here-ing

awared by the ‘I’ thing
or rather, no-thing,
that’s their source
and substance


the palm fronds are trembling


there’s a man’s voice
there’s merry whistling
there’s ceaseless traffic

someone’s coughing
doves are calling
songbirds are singing

there’s a screen door slamming
there’s a white car passing by
there’s a stooped woman, hurrying

the palm fronds are trembling
green tea steams in this raku cup
a fountain pen scribbles

there’s a body beating

there’s the singing silence of this stillness
which is the source and substance of all sound