this vast and teeming emptiness


anything to report?

the clang of a hand-held hammer on tin as an early-bird builder begins his day
the roar of a distant jet on its way to the Gold Coast airport
the growl of my empty tummy greeting green tea

warbles of bird-banter from there to there, and here
between my ears, as well

the great Shining, climbing into cloudless cerulean
is throwing its bejeweled finery over the fields

a quiet footfall sounds on bare wooden floorboards
a melodic drippety-drip echoes from the down pipe
and there’s revving engine-speak from a passing garbage truck

the pulsing thump of a water pump
courses through the singing silver silence
of this vast and teeming emptiness


my breath flows like shakuhachi-speak


the rain continues its benediction:

perfume of parched earth receiving lifeblood

chorale of baptized birds fluffing in gratitude

pearlgrey skies
raindarkened gums
glistening puddles
happy toadlets
dancing raindrops
palms in pranam

soft gentling pattering music that somehow blends
with the singing silver silence
flowing through mindspace,
smoothing and soothing

my breath flows
like shakuhachi-speak
and I reach for the brush…


rainbreathbreathscribe series
light-reflective acrylic on textured canvas