on doorless doors, gateless gates, pathless paths and the great view


The door theme continues; scribbler scribbles.

For some folk – read yours truly – Wideawakeness seems to go with ruthless questioning of non-negotiable assumptions – beliefs and opinions we often don’t even know are lurking below the limn of consciousness.  We use words and scarcely give a thought to the fact that they are nothing but signifiers.

What if a “door” turned out to be not-a-door at all, but a collection of contributing qualities and attributes that could be traced all the way back to what we call the Big Bang?  What if a “path” turned out to be similar?  And the “gate” of the Zenner’s koan as well?  And what if you looked deeply enough at the “me” and failed to find anything that could be claimed to be “self-existent”?

And what if you went even further and found that the appearance of what any of these signifiers signified could not be claimed to exist apart from the Awareness that perceives them?  And what if you then turned your inquiry to that Awareness (which cannot be objectified, but only referenced in a ‘thought experiment’) and realized that even IT could never exist without the display it is Awareing? And what if you realized you couldn’t extricate your sense of self from that movement of Aware-ing-ness?

Wouldn’t that send a tsunami over your little island of separate ‘me-ness’?

The waves engulf, destroy, cleanse and retreat.  If there’s been no withdrawal – if ripeness has ripened – a new vista opens up.  The Lamas call it The Great View.