wonder, creativity and wonderment


wonder births questions
questions birth creativity
creativity births wonderment

The cycle of creation begins with wonder

What exactly wonders?
Not ‘me’, not ‘you’!
Life Itself wonders, and billions of bubbles of sentience (felt as ‘I’-ness) explore its questions in billions of different ways.

The questions will always generate creativity in one form or another, but it takes a ripening awareness for creativity to birth wonderment.

Whose ripening awareness?
Not ‘mine’, not ‘yours’!
It’s a natural ripening without subject or object, without knower or known; a flowering that’s conclusion-free and that operates outside of time.


gimme proof!


Many folk of skeptical disposition ask for proof that the Teachings of The Great Perfection are ‘true’ – in other words, proof that there is there something sacred, changeless, timeless and immediate.  They ask for proof that Awareness is fundamental and inescapable.  They ask for proof while being the very proof they seek.

Being a contrary creature by disposition, rather than requesting proof for That which is so obvious and in-your-face, I have a different question:

Does anyone claim to have scientific proof that anything has solid, permanent and ‘real’ existence – from quantum particles to cosmic galaxies – apart from the technologies of perception within the Awareness of sentient creatures?  Speak out loud.


suchness is my hermitage


milky morning sky breathes the promise of rain
but can’t be trusted

earth, trees, lizards, frogs, toads, billabongs and crusty creeks –
we all wait, thirsting

. . .


. . .

today, a broken tooth to take to the dentist

. . .

I’m in awe of the wild intelligence
of this beatland called body;
it’s always pointing the way, (yet
so often ignored and denied) 
always waiting in the same placeless place for
my scallywag mind to return

. . .

 this intimate suchness is my hermitage
my inescapable refuge
my hallowed wee hut 

. . .


Suchness:  a fundamental, intrinsic, or characteristic quality or condition  (Dictionary.com)
In my usage: the in-my-face as-it-is-ness of life.

Photograph by Tan Sim Louis Chong, incomparable photographer of skies.


you’re IT!


Without sentience to create space and time, nothing can become or unfold,
and the only thing we can know for sure
– if we’ve looked very closely –
is that we are sentience,

The concept of evolving consciousness is a money-spinning myth.
However, the tools consciousness uses to manifest appearance –
perception, cognition – can evolve
according to Life’s grand designs.

Consciousness needs nothing, for IT is all;
experience is the game IT plays
for no reason whatsoever.

Remember those games we played as kids
where you’d be told: “You’re IT!”?

In the big game of Life
you never stop being IT.


stopping the talk, shutting up at last


knowing, sentience, awareness

these are words for IT that utterly fail
to define IT
“The word is not the thing,” said Krishnamurti.
“The word is not the no-thing, either,” echoes Emptiness

knowing that includes no
sentience that includes no
awareness that includes no

knowing that includes no-thing
sentience that includes no-thing
awareness that includes no-thing

these are concepts dancing around IT
spinning, dyeing, patterning,
weaving, on the loom of
mind’s exquisite tapestry


stopping the talk, shutting up at last

there’s just this

melting moment


pointless and placeless





while sleeping there was a dream

it was 9-11 and
I was there, @ground0

but – unfettered by a fixed point-of-perspective
within space – I was instead
the spaciousness itself

the planes hit

I saw details never mentioned in news reports

I watched, felt, wailed
as though it was happening
to this very body

then I woke up and it was all gone

the full-color, three-dimensional,
real-surround-sound, acrid-odor
experience vanished
along with its spacious ‘experiencer’

this morning these eyes open
within another dream
a seemingly ‘real’ dream yet
made possible by that same sentient spaciousness
which hosted the eyes-shut scenario