home-brand no-frills awareness


she’s poised for another departure,
leaving the mountain and the cottage called Bliss

a woman without a past or a future,
a woman who is no woman or thing
who knows herself as ordinary alertness-in-action

ears held high like the hare grazing
the dewy meadow outside the window,
she notices the clues and the cues arising

and she follows each sensation
the way a dog traces a scent, to its source
in this dimensionless emptiness

to its source – which cannot be ripped
apart from its appearance:
this bright basic home-brand
no-frills awareness


good morning pain


pain, pain, pain

perception grabs pain –
perceived location?
above ear, left side of head

conceptualization grabs pain –
conceptualized description?
sharp, irregular, might be telling me something

awareing views pain –
without label, placement, explanation or conclusion:
sensation, energetic, shimmering, wondrous

in this naked knowingness
pain simply is …

no problem




she who was depressed is nowhere to be found:
looking-without-labeling left only sensation devoid of
owner or sad-sack story

the sensation called “depression” spoke only of
the utter exhaustion of a brain and a body

with the absence of she who was depressed,
(hmmm … make that she who wanted to not be depressed)
it’s crystal clear that the body/brain just wants rest

it just wants story-free peace

it just wants to sink into this womb of gentle healing,
this fountainhead of sweet Grace:


exactly as-it-is!


sit! sit! sink into wondrous spaciousness



there’s a palm frond fluttering and a whistler trying to be mindful
a bird is whistling too, but purposefully

there’s a toddler laughing in the crisp autumn sunshine
and a radio quacking the morning news

there’s toothache and tiredness
but the zafu beckons beguilingly

sit! sit! sink into wondrous spaciousness
the source of all that is being perceived and sensed


how could something called spaciousness
be so alive, alert, aware and utterly unknowable?