I toppled into the Venus flytrap


propelled by memories of childhood intimidation
I toppled into the Venus flytrap called wee-me
my body’s ultra-sticky reflexive reactions
instantly creating a powerless self
that set about consuming itself


propelled by the practice of presence
I fell back into the changeless nameless
numinous no-thing-ness
where nothing can stick or stain
and neither self nor no-self are on the menu

nothing special


self is an infinitely mutating mental virus


the notion that one is a dreamer within a dream
can be a subtle refuge for a self still seeking spiritual identification

self-as-dreamer is no different from self-as-‘real’-person:

still selfing
or not-selfing
self-remembering . . .

the entertainment never ends!

self is an infinitely mutating mental virus

but it’s also IT, and ‘I’ is IT to a T

(they don’t call this wisdom ‘crazy’ without good reason . . .)


we live on luscious lies


can you say a word of truth?
can you say it now?

and that’s a lie!


we live on luscious lies spun by language


the most outrageous lie of all
is the one that creates the illusion of
a self separate from Suchness

but its intimate accomplice,
which posits a no-self,
is equally devious



a mute ‘eureka!’


the ‘pearl’
is often misunderstood

many take it to be the realization of
‘no-self’ –
in spite of the peculiar absence of a
self that could realize a no-self!

it’s not about self or no-self,
illusion or enlightenment,
form or emptiness
duality or non-duality

it’s about the cessation of all such notions

it’s about a mute ‘eureka!’
beyond the reach of the notion-spinner
thought-weaver, experience-craver
yet more intimate than one’s own skin


beyond notions of self and no-self


Apperception that nothing – no-thing – exists in itself, independent of the workings of perception negates all possibility of the objective existence of both things and someone who sees/senses them.

And further, since the workings of perception cannot exist independently of basic Awareness, it’s inescapable that this very Awareness must be the source and the substance of all appearances – all phenomena.

This is the understanding that lies beyond notions of self and no-self.

With this I cannot argue:  everything that can be experienced arises in Awareness.

Can anything other than
be proven to exist?

Experiencing is another word for Awareness.

(but I prefer ‘Awareing’ over ‘Awareness’ because to me
Awareness is dynamic and fluid, even when utterly poised)


vast leaping liberation!


vast leaping liberation:

no personal purpose!


pursuit of purpose is the default activity of the entity invented to claim doership of the deeds done by

it drops away when the Reality beyond self and no-self, doer and deed, is revealed

Life, pulsating, throbbing,
exploring and experimenting,
has its own unknowable agenda

Its will is being done, whether one’s ‘onto It’ or not