have you seen my mind?

I’m not sure what it is about full moons, but they seem to turn on a tap of poetical scribblings here. June’s full moon: it’s cold and audaciously bright as it rises behind the tropical foliage that protects my terrace. Three haiku fall from my pen…

– – –

Bats flying across the full moon, NSW, Australia


here’s a state of Grace:

bats flying across full moon –

my webbed wings, aloft

what a paradox –

my greedy seeking has ceased

yet nothing was found

have you seen my mind?

I can’t find it anywhere

though it’s right in my face!


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the great escape routine


[From a letter to a friend.]

For decades I had read, been taught, and believed that the Real, by definition, must be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  But I still believed it was something objective that I had to find, attain or ‘receive’.

What I had to do, I thought, was find where ‘it’ was hiding – or more to the point – why my perception couldn’t perceive ‘it’.  Which sounds easy, but dozens of years were spent traipsing around the spiritual circuit without getting one millimeter closer to my quarry.

It was a light-bulb moment for me when it sunk in that if the Real was totally accessible to me (and everyone), perhaps I should persistently ask myself

What’s the one thing I can’t get away from?  Ever?

And there it was – here it is.  Inescapably intimate.  Closer than my heartbeat.

Whenever protest or confusion arose, I’d just switch over to the Great Escape Routine again.  And laugh myself silly.

Well, you do have to laugh, don’t you?  Imagine.  All those years of seeking and sadhana, of surrender and self-inquiry, and here I am, prisoner of the Presence that I am.

Prisoner of the real dinkum Real.


the perfect Lover is infinitely patient


The One that you are, and that everything is,
is eternal and ubiquitous
Self naked
and unconditioned.


Are you still seeking that One?
Still doing sadhana?
Still believing you steer your Lifeboat?
Still thinking you make your own choices?


has no preferences
and as the perfect Lover
is infinitely patient.


you can never escape IT


the eye that sees the Divine in everything is the eyeless-eye


the eye that sees only apparent phenomena is my-eye


to see the Divine in everything isn’t a matter of knowing how to look
it’s a matter of arriving at the other side
of everything
that can be imagined about the Divine


that placeless place is right here, now
under your feet


how odd to spend your life seeking it
when you can never escape IT!



you want peace?


elongated diamonds of trembling light creep towards my flannel-covered feather duvet. the rising sun has left the lillypilly and soars into open cerulean sky.  a golden finger blesses the ballerina blooms on the cactus, another steals into the little enclosed garden and greets the pond, the tiny ferns and mosses, bestowing enough luminescence to last the day.

peace is not a prospect.  it’s the Presence presenting ITself in this now-moment that has no past or future.  you want peace?  just stop seeking it.  just fall into this Presence, this Beloved, that shines forth from every small corner of the world that you create with your blessed unlit light, with your own vast Viewing.