the pleasure of now


I have slipped from the power of now
into the pleasure of now

it’s a kind of relaxation into
what simply is
without argument or

it doesn’t imply that what is
will always be up-beat –
it will simply be what it is

pleasure and pain, joy and sadness,
clarity and confusion –
all have equal status

immeasurably vast, ‘I’ remains
a rock-solid emptiness
in the pleasure garden of now

finding peace in pain


hello pain-day!
pain in gum: tooth trouble
pain in throat: head cold


how extraordinary to find
that pain and peace entwine!


when the response is relaxation
into whatever life presents,
when agony and angst are fully allowed,
pain simply does its physiological work;
and intelligence responds


That, which lives this body
and awares its pain and discomfort
knows no suffering



the movement of life’s livingness


the profound peace that flows
into the space left vacant
when the ‘doer’ is seen for what it is

ie –merely a commonly-held, mistaken point-of-view–

is the very peace so long sought by that doer

it’s a cool drink of pure water
on a stifling summer’s day
it’s a down doona on a chilly night

it’s the quiet rapture of relaxation
into great silence and stillness

it passes all understanding

and yet it is sensed and shared
by every critter and creature
every trembling leaf and bud

what else could it be
but the movement of Life’s livingness?