life’s spinning Its suchness stories


There were about a dozen ‘eyes-shut’ dreams last night.  Every old-time friend and colleague, every loved place on the planet, seemed to turn up in amazing and absurd stories to press all the buttons that evoke all the emotions that would like to convince one that a Real Person is ‘having a dream!’

I ask myself: Is there any difference at all between these ‘eyes-shut’ dreams and the daytime ‘wide-open-eyes’ dream?

The only difference seems to be that after dreaming while asleep I awaken and say, “Whew.  It was only a dream.”

And when dreaming while not sleeping I say, “Oooops.  This is real.”

Until wideawakeness kicks in:  “Wow!  No dream, real or unreal, no dreamer, asleep or awake – only an endless unfolding and dissolving of appearances happening here…”

Life’s spinning Its suchness stories
around Its still and silent dimensionless point.


even emptiness is empty


Oh dear.

Just when you had it figured out – the riddle about form and emptiness – just when you had Emptiness nailed, labeled and pigeon-holed, along comes another neti-neti.  It turns out Emptiness is also empty.  How so?

It has no independent existence.  It’s not a place, a form, a state, a fundamental arrival zone.  It has no reality apart from the presence of the absence it connotes.

If it had a form or location – if it could be experienced – it would have to have a subject experiencing it.  What would that subject be?

So forget Emptiness as some kind of ultimate Reality.  There is only, only, only this timeless unfolding, interweaving, interrelating Everythingness.

But before mind kicks in and gives Everythingness the Emptiness treatment, don’t forget that it, too, is …




a narcissist called noumenon


Suggested title for the cosmic play:
a narcissist called noumenon

(Yeah yeah, I hear you:
noumenon cannot possibly be objectified.

But that’s the whole point:
noumenon as infinite subjectivity
seems to want to know IT-self and this happens
via ITs manifestations as phenomena.

It could be said then, that ‘Reality’
which, by default includes
both noumenon and phenomena,
is a know-ing-ness fired by
some kind of tireless Divine curiosity
acted out in-the-round
on the dream-stage called world.

It’s like a wondrous web of whatifs –
an infinite unfolding of unimaginable



dreamers all, dreaming in dreamtime


Many seekers chasing something they like to call ‘awakening’ find it so easy to turn ‘the dream’ metaphor into a conceptual object with a conceptual subject – a dreamer who awakens and who thenceforth inhabits some transcendent, problem-free, rarified universe.

She-who-scribbles knows this cunning trick of the mind.  Her ankles bear the scars of those leg-baits.  Once she was lucky enough to be in the presence of Emmanuel when someone suggested to him that the version of Reality to which he referred was “A beautiful thought.”

With his hallmark tenderness he replied, “The entire universe is a beautiful thought.”

How could one ever forget such a line?

It was instantly seen that thoughtland and dreamland are synonymous.  (Can there be a dream without the mechanism of thinking in operation?)

Perhaps ‘the dream-ing’ is more apt a term than ‘the dream,’ for both the dream and the dreamer are Life dreaming, dreaming on, and there is no waking up from Life’s dreamtime!

When one ‘awakens’ within the dream, it is to the dream that it’s all a dream dreaming.

(Background chuckles from dreamer on zafu…)


the rabbit hole to wonderland


we are endlessly fascinated with dreams

nocturnal dreams, daytime dreams:
we turn them inside out looking for meaning, guidance, purpose
we record them, manipulate them,
discuss them, compare them

yet the everyday Life-dream
fails to be seen as a phenomenon of the same order

“it’s real life!” we cry

but how can there be any ‘reality’
in a dream? or a dreamer?

it only takes one question,
held in earnest,
asked of your very own experience,
and you’re tumbling down that rabbit hole to Wonderland:

what’s aware of the dream-time?



vast leaping liberation!


vast leaping liberation:

no personal purpose!


pursuit of purpose is the default activity of the entity invented to claim doership of the deeds done by

it drops away when the Reality beyond self and no-self, doer and deed, is revealed

Life, pulsating, throbbing,
exploring and experimenting,
has its own unknowable agenda

Its will is being done, whether one’s ‘onto It’ or not