we need rain


Echoes from Emptiness: Jacarandas, Kiels Mountain, Queensland


a violet shower cascades
from the tops of the jacarandas

the kookaburras are shaking the canopy,
breakfasting with glee

what can you say about a giggling tree
a smiling cloudless cerulean sky
and a bunch of birds
with beaks-full of cackle?

just this:

emptiness is fulsome and fabulous
and shaking with laughter

while we, on our tinder-dry mountain
sniff the whiff of early bushfires
and wish it would wet itself soon


Photo – Miriam Louisa Simons

syncopated silence


The ants let us know rain is coming with their manic hyperactivity – swarming, flying, viciously biting any feet that stumble into their path. Suddenly it arrives, making its music on the metal roof – but what am I really hearing?

the unscripted beat

of syncopated silence –