an instantaneous sightless seeing


This morning what’s striking me as utterly wondrous is the sheer inevitability of everything.  Sometimes I would wonder whether this is a gift of ripening age – one can see far enough back down the tracks to be aware of how the dots connect over the span of decades.  But nowadays I notice this wonderment being expressed by those who are youthful – and wideawake.  I’ve come to see that wonderment, awe, and an unbidden humility arise in the naked encounter with ‘what-is’ – unadorned suchness. This brings me to my knees.

The inevitability of ripeness and readiness for awakening – but always in their own time and on their own terms.

Eventually, when ripeness was ready, there was an instantaneous sightless seeing that everything I believed I was doing was happening in its own way, by its own accord, at its own pace.  There was seeing that nothing happening has anything to do with ‘me’ and that beyond the craziness of appearances everything flows harmoniously.

Retiring, relaxing, ml slips out of the time/space grid, returns to the womb of One-derment, where, neither watching nor waiting, ‘I’ is totality and sweet fulfillment.


spacious O n e.d e r m e n t


stress   pressure   constraint

Three words that all imply a separate  someone to be stressed, pressured or constrained, and a separate something or someone to exert these conditions onto that someone – three words I once took – and applied – very personally.

My body can know these states as phenomena: it can be over-weary, over-strained, and unable – or denied –  freedom to move. Taking myself to be my body usually results in thinking I know best what to do to alleviate my condition. But my thinking is conditioned and therefore limited.

Knowing myself to be the unknowable Knowingness of all that is felt and perceived,
and abiding as That, allows a completely new response
to arise from spacious O n e.d e r m e n t.
It never fails to amaze.