I toppled into the Venus flytrap


propelled by memories of childhood intimidation
I toppled into the Venus flytrap called wee-me
my body’s ultra-sticky reflexive reactions
instantly creating a powerless self
that set about consuming itself


propelled by the practice of presence
I fell back into the changeless nameless
numinous no-thing-ness
where nothing can stick or stain
and neither self nor no-self are on the menu

nothing special


just-so, just-this, nothing special


The only difference between the wideawake actors in this marvelous movie and those who cling to their ‘roles’ (making them very effective, skilled performers, of course,) is this:  Wideawake actors have grokked the impossibility of any particular person acting – or awakening.  Un-awakened actors haven’t, yet.

Does it matter?

To whom could it matter?

The movie mirage goes on in any event: just-so, just-this, nothing special.