an ecstasy of ease


Awake on the dot of midnight with a wideawakeness in the brain that defies description.  The brain was empty of thought yet singing with energy.  Then I noticed the whole body was alive and singing with this energy and was completely at ease, although the night was hot, humid and airless.

Sitting through the night hours was an ecstasy of ease; I remember thinking at one point “I could do this forever, forever.”

Hours later, when the morning star was soaring in the eastern sky there was a perception of the world that was shocking in its luminosity and freshness and clarity.  “Oh my God!” I cried out loud, and that shocked me too somehow – the sharp clarity of my own voice.  I felt as though my hair was standing on end.

And then I noticed that for the first time in months the old aching exhaustion had left my body.


luxuriously abiding as what-is


this morning the warming winter world is whitewashed with mist
the earth is now cool – for the tropics – but the lengthening day-span,
always sun-drenched,
is heating up the atmosphere –
when warm meets cool, the mix brings mist

likewise; when the cool crisp intellect meets the warm embracing intuition of the heart
a fog of confusion is inevitable

luxuriously abiding as what-is
this naked clear knowingness knows no such confusion