slipping between mind’s tectonic plates …


serendipities, coincidences,
the utterly unexpected and uninvited,
the unintentional and unwilled

these are the hallmarks of life on the

who doesn’t want the Gracious life?
who doesn’t hunger for the magical and synchronous?

(if you say “Not me”
I don’t believe you)

slipping between mind’s tectonic plates
resting as empty-fullness
it’s such a blessed relief to find
that the Gracetrack is exactly
unadorned, uninterrupted, story-free

N   O   W


can you hear the grass growing?


folded up on my zafu
eyes wide open
senses alive, alert
brain like a tuning fork
resonating, singing –
the pitch is off the scale
(can you hear the grass growing?
can you bear the pressure
inside a swelling dewdrop?)

sitting, breathing, being:
– the dawning of a soft new day

– body breathing itself sigh by sigh

– the hub of heaven’s heartbeat

shining sunbeams on skin
where just a breath before
was cool darkness

waking up is just like that


now! this! here!


a mosquito has breakfasted on my unwitting ankle; fingers reach to scratch

a truck roars past, penetrating the last sigh of night’s silence; the toilet upstairs flushes and fills, birds are squabbling at the birdbath

crystals are rainbow-dancing over the slowly emerging outlines of the sanctuary wall; candlelight is flickering, the rising sun is painting primrose lozenges of soft light

in my celadon teapot green tea is steeping; a wisp of vapor makes the invisible visible

at home on this zafu, breathing is rising and releasing without effort or control; brain is fasting

wideawakeness and suchness are inseparably embedded:  now! this! here!


immersed in an ommm-ing ocean



flooded with lorrikeet-language,
with crow-craw and the chatter
of feathered friends



twinkling, sunbright morning
whitewashed sky
behind gold-tipped gums



on my cushion, sleepy-eyed
body breathing in and out
immersed in an ommm-ing ocean:


creation’s nameless name



noumenal nonsense


Wei Wu Wei speaks of noumenality
as “the presence of the absence of phenomena”

the words are precise, the meaning unambiguous
but how can it be said more simply?

tick-tock mind comes up with a suggestion-of-sorts:


where O
is pregnant emptiness
or the moon
or a riceball

and nth
stands for ‘now! this! here!’
or the furthest degree
of experience-ability and

and me
is an idea become belief

subtract the belief from the field of experiencing
and what’s left?

simply put – by another big W
that of which we cannot speak”

yet that which we
know to be ‘I’



the palm fronds are trembling


there’s a man’s voice
there’s merry whistling
there’s ceaseless traffic

someone’s coughing
doves are calling
songbirds are singing

there’s a screen door slamming
there’s a white car passing by
there’s a stooped woman, hurrying

the palm fronds are trembling
green tea steams in this raku cup
a fountain pen scribbles

there’s a body beating

there’s the singing silence of this stillness
which is the source and substance of all sound