having a ‘whoops!’ moment, again


awakening from sleep

awareness arrays a new-born world

splashes face

gropes for zafu

settles butt, folds legs

inhales the fragrant flowering gums

chuckles with the kookaburra

trembles with the palm fronds

sips steaming green tea

disappears into a silence

that senses every tone and texture


breathes – is breathed

marvels, that

not one scientist, philosopher or sage

can explain how any of this can possibly occur

on an exquisite pulsing rock

awhirl in a numinous space –


a space inseparable from

the immense, immeasurable awareness

in which it all appears


Echoes from Emptiness: earth from space


Image source – Parallax

stark naked on my trusty zafu


anything to report?


metaphorically stark naked
on my trusty zafu

just a couple of breaths
between mind’s madness
and immaculate stillness

there is


this pristine awareness

only this
unnameable Word
penetrating, embracing, enfolding
forming and transforming

loving without measure
or condition

only this
bright inescapable benediction

oh Lover!


this vast and teeming emptiness


anything to report?

the clang of a hand-held hammer on tin as an early-bird builder begins his day
the roar of a distant jet on its way to the Gold Coast airport
the growl of my empty tummy greeting green tea

warbles of bird-banter from there to there, and here
between my ears, as well

the great Shining, climbing into cloudless cerulean
is throwing its bejeweled finery over the fields

a quiet footfall sounds on bare wooden floorboards
a melodic drippety-drip echoes from the down pipe
and there’s revving engine-speak from a passing garbage truck

the pulsing thump of a water pump
courses through the singing silver silence
of this vast and teeming emptiness


simple suchness, seamlessly known


Morning report:

a window opening onto pristine West Australian bush
marri, jarrah, blackboy and karri
the skies are pastel blue and wisped with white
a tremble of airbreath tickles the treetops
pet lambs, hungry for breakfast, bleat
a rooster crows
red-tailed black cockatoos screech
tiny blue wrens chitter-chatter

OM broadcasts its beat through my body
and through the body of the universe

wild awakeness
is simply simple suchness
seamlessly known


incomparably perfect love


clamorous sea-speak this morning

for one who grew up amongst the coastal cliffs
the tussock-crowned dunes
the tidal pools
the crashing surf and wild symphonic joy
of the ocean inexplicably called Pacific

“there’s bound to be a salt-wave forever lapping in the heart”


she-who-scribbles loves water;
inescapable conditioning of the cells


and ‘I’?

well, ‘I’ has no preferences

and that means It embraces everything:

incomparably perfect Love!


changeless presence : I


the little sanctuary is full of packing boxes

I sit instead, in the bedroom
same cushion
same I

body-mind is stiff and weary from lift and shift
same cushion
same I

the impulse, Life-driven, is towards a new abode, cool and quiet
same cushion
same I