an unarguable eureka


Dashing about with young ones,
quietly caring for older ones,
making name and fame and fortune …

Ceaselessly and choicelessly
we dance our dream
down the pathless byways of Life.

Seldom do we stop and notice
that all our steps
are danced on one spot.

We imagine a ‘me’
and along with it comes time –
the warp and weft of past and future.

Then comes the shock of seeing
that no me, no past, no future
can possibly exist outside of


and an unarguable eureka
You are the Presence
in which all existence appears
blooms, and dissolves…
reshuffles the understanding
of a lifetime
and blows the heart wide open.


grace is my undoing


More musings on Grace:  The ‘something’ that happens to return me to now, to Life, is usually something I want least.  I mean, who would welcome pain and immobility?  Who would sign up for surrender of career, colleagues and culture?

We love to welcome Grace in its function as provider of pleasant surprises and serendipities.  But Grace can also bring unpleasant surprises.


Grace is function and fire.
Grace is Life’s creative dynamism.
Grace is Life on the return loop of Its journey.

Grace is what undoes ‘me.’


Sitting later today.  The sun is hotter, the shadows shorter; traffic noise is louder, but drowned out by a raucous conversation being held outside my window.

Four flying rainbows called lorikeets are in a dispute with one huge kookaburra:  What a drama!  What a racket!  You’d think a flock of fifty birds was out there, but no, only five.  First class Australian citizens . . . (only joking!)


image source

when wideawakeness strikes


Something about that ‘disconnected’ door-chime rang a bell:  a neuron noticed; a metaphor morphed.

Wild wideawakeness is like that ungovernable power which, under the appropriate circumstances, appears as lightning.

The door-chime is like the ‘person-pattern’ – whether onto the ‘game’ or not, connected or disconnected, the potential energy (aka Life ITself) is always in place.

When widewakeness strikes, it doesn’t only set off the door-chimes, it blows the door IDEA wide open.

And along with it goes the whole IDEA of a separate unawake little old ‘me.’



no time, no space: no me


It’s curious that while most folk who inquire, even at a fairly superficial level, will concede that time is a conceptual construct with no objective reality, they continue to argue for the existence of a solid-state self-entity.  This is ‘me’ – wysiwyg!

But if time is illusory, it follows that duration in space is impossible.  How can any concept of space be workable without the added dimension of time?

How can there be a near and a far?  A then, a now, a when?  And bereft of space (in which to exist) and time (in and through which to endure) what’s left of ‘me’?

I’ll tell you what’s left: the entire gobsmacking universe.


I am not
but the Universe is Myself
~ Shih T’ou
AD 700 – 790

sitting in this leaky boat called ‘me’


sitting here
in this leaky boat
called ‘me’

a dull wet day
sleep-smeared eyelids
knocked-about knee
cheeky bird-chirps
gracious curve of frond

loving these leaky cracks
the way they open
just enough to let me seep
out of
mind’s moorings


Image by the incomparable Leunig

what is, without being?


me-mind is busy, as always
its commentary is ceaseless
a million factors feed and affect it:
environment, health, food, sleep
(or lack thereof), genetic structure
and the whole gamut of conditioning


what watches me-mind?
what sees, without sight?
what knows, without knowledge?
what is, without being?




and prior to any verb – alization