the wide-awake eyes of emptiness just watch


the term ‘waking up’ is spot-on when
attempting to report the apparent
shift in the brain that occurs –
spontaneously – when it’s directly seen
that no one here ever makes
any kind of decision,
or does anything
at all

the dream of doer-ship dissolves and
Life’s unimaginable livingness seeps
through the cracks in the cocoon
and simply gets on with … living

the wide-awake eyes of emptiness just
watch – whether, or not
the dream dissolves


life’s lusciousness


a world full of the wonders of wetness this morning:

dry grey gum trunks lacquered black
bougainvillea blossoms bowing to earth
glistening tubs of terracotta
murmuring, chuckling down-pipes
puddles popping
tyres squishing, splashing
staccato-speak of roof tiles
ducks demanding more
earth silently sucking, sucking

the lusciousness of it all!


the movement of life’s livingness


the profound peace that flows
into the space left vacant
when the ‘doer’ is seen for what it is

ie –merely a commonly-held, mistaken point-of-view–

is the very peace so long sought by that doer

it’s a cool drink of pure water
on a stifling summer’s day
it’s a down doona on a chilly night

it’s the quiet rapture of relaxation
into great silence and stillness

it passes all understanding

and yet it is sensed and shared
by every critter and creature
every trembling leaf and bud

what else could it be
but the movement of Life’s livingness?


morning meditation


luminous eastern rim –
palest cobalt and pearl

shimmering dancing waving
shapes appearing
palming, eucalypting, lillypillying
across dawn’s vast canvas

kookaburra cackling at the window:
“tucker! tucker!”
willy wagtail scolding:
“greedy! greedy sod!”
doves nodding their morning mantra:
“isthatso? isthatso?”

Life busies Itself
with the business of living Itself
without rhyme or reason, beginning or end

I, sitting, sees –
and I is It all
and It is I


the livingness of life


funny how I always yearned to be able to trust Life,
to trust the Universe,
when the notion of ‘me’ was the only thing
preventing trust’s embrace

what a joke!

with the absence of a center-stage-stooge
(the concept that invents concepts of trust or no-trust)
there is only pervasive trust-ing

the issue dissolves;
‘I’ knows that it is the livingness
of Life –
that ‘Life’ is its Holy Name