dream drama 101


Wee-me’s story is a dream dreamed by Creation via the sensory tools customized for its unique mind-body organism.  The same goes for those of all the so called ‘others’ and their stories.

How did those sensory tools – and those pesky ‘others’ – get into the picture?

Creation dreamed them up, like everything else in the Great Dream Drama.

Dream Drama 101 is basic but brutal.

You pass the exam – which qualifies you for no-thing whatsoever – by waking up to the unarguable:  there’s only one dream (1), only one dreamer (1), and it’s all your dearly Beloved self (0). You’re the salami in the sandwich!

Wrap your arms around yourself.  Huge hugs are in order.


a magical mind-event


This morning, before the ‘eyes-open’ version of Life’s dream kicked in, there was an ‘eyes-closed’ version.  It was immediately prior to awakening, and very accessible to re-collection.  The contents of the dream were a kaleidoscope of fragments of a host of other dreams re-assembled and re-mixed in fascinating interplay.

What is interesting is the way that the body-brain – within the eyes-closed dream – appears to perform and experience the same functions and emotional responses (and does it ever feel real!) as in the eyes-open dream – and all without leaving one’s cozy bed.


So when the sages assure us
(and urge us to find out for ourselves)
that the eyes-open day-time experience
is similarly a magical mind-event
why do we find it such tough tucker to swallow?
Why do we choke on the very freedom we hunger for?

Finding out for oneself
that one’s apparently real daytime dramas
are of exactly the same order
as the night time variety
snaps the straining flywheel
flips the brain
into an uncharted galaxy
of endlessly


prajnaparamita: formless and timeless and inescapable


The apperception that existence is Life’s dream doesn’t occur simply because someone
drops the concept in your brain.
Their words might be pointers for contemplation, but that’s as far as they can reach.

is the completed assembly
of a jigsaw puzzle in local-mind

each piece of the puzzle represents a life question
which has been experientially resolved

the penultimate piece?
no separate entity here, there or anywhere!

and the ultimate piece?

only unknowable knowingness:
formless and timeless
and inescapable