it’s all the same to I


this soundly sleeping body was the scene of a mozzie-massacre in the night:
today an insect screen will be mended!


sleep or no sleep
comfort or discomfort
peace or irritation –
it’s all the same to I

sob and bitch and moan
laugh and giggle and grin
gossip and lies and satsang –
it’s all the same to I


I is simply I:
no conditions affect It
no purpose distracts It
no preference confuses It
no definition contains It

I is YES! to everything
without even being asked


from grrrrrr to aaaahhhh …


my whistling neighbor wakes me at dawn
and sleep has only just arrived!

what’s going on?



“oceanic silence is being penetrated by the knowing of something called whistling”

piss off!



“does Awareness give a toss whether it’s oceanic silence or tuneless whistling it’s aware-ing?”



aaaahhhhhh ….