there’s only one player in this game


there has been rain in the night
and the earth’s breath
is fresh and fruity this dawn

what am I?

‘I’ is the Knowingness
apperceiving that ‘me’ is not
and only ‘I-ness’ is

intellectual acceptance of this
isn’t difficult;
self thinks it has understood something
and is pleased

but as this savage wisdom percolates down
into the darker layers
something called me
isn’t so happy

the battle of battles begins but
the outcome is inevitable –
winners in every corner
all bets collectable!

turns out there’s only one Player!


first find out what thyself is not


when ‘my’ intellect saw for itself
what it is
and what it isn’t,
it spontaneously retreated
and assumed its proper place

its functioning was unimpaired
rather, it seems heightened, sharpened

the ‘thinker’ saw itself as nothing
more nor less than its thoughts,
and both found their place in the order of appearances


“Know thyself,” we’re advised …

easier to first find out what thyself is not


intellect has little to do with intelligence


the intelligence of the spacious energy system called body-brain
is the unborn intelligence of Life;
it’s non-personal and unconditioned

intellect, however, is measurable, trainable and indispensable;
we need it to operate in the world: memory, habit, discernment …
and we like to think it’s ‘ours’

intellect has little to do with unborn intelligence
but it can spin concepts that might be useful pointers
towards that immeasurable, unknowable movement

(to what better purpose could an intellect be directed?)


the language of life


insistence by the phantom poser we insist is real and solid and in control
that the body/mind/being should conform to its ideas and ideals
is poison; it’s probably the cause of most illness and disease
to say nothing of violence and brutality

when the tyrant takes off, deposed by a direct and ruthless look
body can reclaim its voice

at first, in little whispers, then louder
flowering with clarity, strength and wisdom


body’s language is the language of Life
uttered by Life, understood by Life
but unfathomable to the intellect