we live on luscious lies


can you say a word of truth?
can you say it now?

and that’s a lie!


we live on luscious lies spun by language


the most outrageous lie of all
is the one that creates the illusion of
a self separate from Suchness

but its intimate accomplice,
which posits a no-self,
is equally devious



a mute ‘eureka!’


the ‘pearl’
is often misunderstood

many take it to be the realization of
‘no-self’ –
in spite of the peculiar absence of a
self that could realize a no-self!

it’s not about self or no-self,
illusion or enlightenment,
form or emptiness
duality or non-duality

it’s about the cessation of all such notions

it’s about a mute ‘eureka!’
beyond the reach of the notion-spinner
thought-weaver, experience-craver
yet more intimate than one’s own skin


ditching the death-grip


the grip of the imaginary me-self
is a death-grip

the grip IS the self

when that death-grip relaxed –
relaxed for a millisecond,
just long enough
for a rip in the cocoon to open
there was immediate
of its cause:

the fundamental illusion
in the living of a life
is the unexamined belief
that there is an object
that ‘does’ it …

when there is only a life being lived by Life


self-satisfaction is unsatisfactory


self-satisfaction is unsatisfactory

my current state,
physical as well as mental,
is the natural outcome of my efforts
to satisfy my self

those efforts, encouraged by my
nearest and dearest, and fostered by
a culture of self-satisfaction
have driven me to distraction, to
discontent, and into depression

it ends
but not through any act of will

it ends because
some kind of intelligence sees
that to continue is wholly
illogical and unintelligent

how can a self that has never
had solid existence
ever be satisfied?

it ends of its own accord