the full monty


The leap taken into wild wideawakeness is akin to the evolutionary leap from linguistic potential to language development.  The bridges leading back to ignorance are spontaneously destroyed:  you know what you know, and it cannot be denied.

I spent so many years in “please-like-me” mode;
aware of it, yet powerless to change it
in spite of desperately wanting to.

The program’s still there, still kicks in
but there’s no wanting to change it,
or accept it, or love it,
or do The Work on it.

Relaxing as what-is opens the heart
to everything

and this is perhaps the greatest wonder:
that everything I hoped and imagined
would be erased by this savage wisdom
is embraced by it without condition or judgment
and simply ceases to be a problem.


portrait of an ‘I’


‘I’ has no body;
the ten thousand things
and the ten thousand no-things
these are the skin ‘I’ wears

‘I’ has no mind;
direct seeing is its mental modality
intelligence flows from its well-spring
action is choiceless and free

‘I’ has no parents;
existence is its family tree,
breathtide its bridge to hallowed homeland
and Itself its sustenance

‘I’ has no history;
childhood and adulthood
yesterday and tomorrow –
all rest in its momentary eternity

‘I’ owns no experience;
no sorrow, no happiness, no hatred
no bliss, no blame, no freedom or burden
neither ignorance nor awakening

‘I’ is ever-innocent awareness
shining, shining as perfect presence

‘I’ is now!

‘I’ is this!

‘I’ is here!


(with a deep bow to a certain samurai warrior)