when wideawakeness strikes


Something about that ‘disconnected’ door-chime rang a bell:  a neuron noticed; a metaphor morphed.

Wild wideawakeness is like that ungovernable power which, under the appropriate circumstances, appears as lightning.

The door-chime is like the ‘person-pattern’ – whether onto the ‘game’ or not, connected or disconnected, the potential energy (aka Life ITself) is always in place.

When widewakeness strikes, it doesn’t only set off the door-chimes, it blows the door IDEA wide open.

And along with it goes the whole IDEA of a separate unawake little old ‘me.’



mystery? what mystery?


Many traditional spiritual advisors love to dangle the ‘Mystery’ carrot in front of their flock – always, of course, just out of range and reach.

We go for it with our customary (and sanctioned) appetite for spiritual must-haves.  We love a good mystery and in the spiritual stakes this one is particularly attractive.  Awe and adulation descend and before we know it we’re on our knees begging for all to be revealed.

But mystery is just another red herring put out by mind’s concept-canning factory; a conceptual stand-in for what we honestly hunger – our real and changeless Self, which just happens to be the most immediate, intimate and non-mysterious marvel that we insist on overlooking.

Here IT is.  IT’s never been anywhere but here, closer than one’s breath.  Yet we crave the carrot!

Can mystery be found outside of mind’s ideas about it?  If it’s only a product of the imagination then perhaps we should call it mystory rather than mystery.

Mystery and mystory.  Alan Watts would have called them a “goeswith”.