morning meditation


luminous eastern rim –
palest cobalt and pearl

shimmering dancing waving
shapes appearing
palming, eucalypting, lillypillying
across dawn’s vast canvas

kookaburra cackling at the window:
“tucker! tucker!”
willy wagtail scolding:
“greedy! greedy sod!”
doves nodding their morning mantra:
“isthatso? isthatso?”

Life busies Itself
with the business of living Itself
without rhyme or reason, beginning or end

I, sitting, sees –
and I is It all
and It is I


life lives this I-ness


who is sitting?
who is breathing?
who is painting?
who is writing?

the answer will depend on who is asking

if ‘me’-mirage is asking it will create
a response from its handy archive of memories
if story-free ‘I’ is asking
it will simply recognize ‘I’-ness

who or what this-here-now appears to be
is created by the perceiver

Life lives this I-ness
in all conceivable forms
and knows I(t)-self
via the Aware-ing of all ‘I’s