the best kept secret in creation


Vegetarian souls earnestly give up eating meat, ignoring the insistence of the Meat Marketing Board’s advertising;  the health conscious cancel caffeine from their diet yet still use coffee houses as meeting places;  many of us abstain from alcohol in spite of the presence of a pub on every corner, and avoid nicotine while remaining visually bombarded by cigarette advertising.

A handful of humans have awakened from the illusion of being a separate rock-solid entity and happily cohabit with the mainstream mass of dreamers.  But even when suspicious of its hazardous affects on health, society and the planet, most of us struggle to even challenge the solid-self notion.  It’s seldom questioned at all.  Such inquiry is reserved for philosophers and mystics.  All the contextual ‘evidence’ for separate-self’s sustained existence and validity is trotted out, but none of that is up for scrutiny either.

I wonder why we are never taught the difference between concept and Reality at home, or at school.  I guess it would collapse the currency of a materialistic economy if children grew up in disregard of the advertising that would have them believe that happiness had a price and came with conditions, labels and images.

The empty essence of human Beingness is the best kept secret in creation, which is a great shame because the total fulfillment it reveals remains under wraps as well.


‘I’ is the ing-ing of the world


morning report:

raining softly puddling
greenly guzzling growing
pattering roofmurmuring
peeing neighbor relieving
flushing toilet emptying
impatient  traffic up-gearing
fountain pen scribbling
flickering candlelighting
steaming tea sipping

‘I’ is the ing-ing of the world

just this, right now, right here
always at home
always fulfilled


what a way
to start a day!


I is inescapable awareness


I is the rising
I is the budding
I is the opening
palm frond
I is the flickering
I is the marveling
I is the numbing
I is the writing
I is the revving
I is the coo-cooing
I is the in-and-out
I is the beating


I is inescapable Awareness –
the totality of fulfillment
and incomprehensible abundance


racetrack – gracetrack



person running for their life,
keeping ahead of the competition
imagining the joys of winning,
accomplishing, achieving,
and the misery of failure,
fearful of the finishing line
which denotes the end to their
participation in the human
race  w h e w


no separate person
no separate others
no competition or race
no fear or fantasy
no shoulds or suffering
no birth or death

just the sweet, mellow, peaceful
of Life’s unfolding
in total fulfillment  a h h h h