there is no eye that can see ‘I’


‘I’ embodies everything that can be perceived and thereby known and experienced
‘I’ is the transparent diamond aware-ing of perception’s play
which includes the appearance of an objective perceiver with its objective perceptions

‘me’ is one of perception’s objects, just as are ‘you’ and ‘them’

but ‘I’ is not any-thing objectively
– there is no eye that can see ‘I’ –
and can never be known

‘me’ spends its life looking for ‘I’
calling IT God, Spirit, Reality, Beloved –
(108 names, I’m told)
until the savage wisdom of the ages
arises, re-organizing the brain:

ne’er the twain can meet

for ‘I’ is all-there-is


the great light is silently watching without eyes


last evening, as sheet lightning,
intense, pure, utterly authoritative,
behind closed eyelids


this dawning day, as a thousand dancing rainbow-lights
thrown around the sanctuary
by one small sun-worshiping crystal


yet neither the ‘inner’ lightning nor the
‘outer’ rainbows are the Great Light
spoken of by the sages and scriptures


no, the Great Light
is that which is silently watching without eyes:

unlit and unknowable
primal incandescence


you can never escape IT


the eye that sees the Divine in everything is the eyeless-eye


the eye that sees only apparent phenomena is my-eye


to see the Divine in everything isn’t a matter of knowing how to look
it’s a matter of arriving at the other side
of everything
that can be imagined about the Divine


that placeless place is right here, now
under your feet


how odd to spend your life seeking it
when you can never escape IT!