IT, again


more ‘IT’ musings this morning – such a rich little word!


apperception of IT
cancels the ‘I’
that you took yourself to be
with one small stroke

now that ‘I’ looks like a ‘T’

so, the I and the T come together: IT
and that’s exactly what we be!

this is the meaning of the cross of cruci-fiction:
no further personal fiction

only IT: now, just this, and right here




if peace exists at all, it must surely exist
it must exist in
and it must exist right

would that mean suffering is
the absence
of awareness of peace
, in this and right here?

ignorance opinionated-ness self-aggrandizement
– the fictions making up the fiction of a self –
these are the saboteurs of my awareness of peace, now

I sit at the foot of my cross

mea maxima culpa


this time there is no escape

[this post is a duplicate of the ‘about’ page]

A small, weary, middle-aged woman sits on a zafu.  She is hobbled by an old injury that will soon require surgery.  She is thousands of miles from her work, her colleagues, her friends and her sangha.  Her brilliant life is reduced to ashes.

She is withdrawn but not sorrowful for she accepts her circumstances, and she deeply loves the two sweet friends – her parents – she has crossed the world to care for in their ancient age.

She has inquired deeply into life’s mysteries and questions.  She has been blessed to be taught and mentored by great spiritual souls.  The zafu is her friend.

She stops, perforce.  She sits.  She stays.  This time there is no escape.

She enters Emptiness.

~ ~ ~

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