great silence welcomes insomniacs


Habitual sleeping patterns are being trashed, like most other habit-bound activities. Initially there was anxiety about this.  All the usual fears around insomnia clamored to be heard.

When the penny dropped through the works and took with it the ‘wee-me’ that thought it was more than just a thought, it was no longer possible to be anxious about … well, anything really – not for long anyway.  This brings a new view on conditioned expectations and intentions about what ‘should’ be.  They are noticed for what they are and slip away under that scrutiny.

Sensitivity to what this energy mandala called body really needs – and it does have needs according to its unique configurations and evolution – sets conflicting mind-views at rest.

If this body doesn’t wish to sleep at night, as is the norm, so be it!  Let it sit.  Let it sink into its natural throbbing silence.  In deep sleep, with the ‘thinking’ button turned off by default, there is only this great silence.  In sitting as suchness, no stories spinning, that same great silence is all-embracing.  Beloved!

awakening doesn’t alter any t h i n g


One of the multitudes of myths that constellate around the mega-myth of ‘enlightenment’ is that when it occurs all one’s conditioning miraculously disappears.

But so-called awakening doesn’t alter any thing; it doesn’t apply to objects.

Its effects are specific to the manner in which objects – including conditioning, the programmed, determined body-brain – are experienced.

Even a mini-whiff of awakening radically transforms the relationship between perceiver and perceived:  the observed is no longer experienced as separate from the observer.

And it’s clearly seen that it never was, never could be; one just hadn’t looked correctly.  One wasn’t properly awake – hence the term awakening.

It is truly a light-bulb moment.


spacious O n e.d e r m e n t


stress   pressure   constraint

Three words that all imply a separate  someone to be stressed, pressured or constrained, and a separate something or someone to exert these conditions onto that someone – three words I once took – and applied – very personally.

My body can know these states as phenomena: it can be over-weary, over-strained, and unable – or denied –  freedom to move. Taking myself to be my body usually results in thinking I know best what to do to alleviate my condition. But my thinking is conditioned and therefore limited.

Knowing myself to be the unknowable Knowingness of all that is felt and perceived,
and abiding as That, allows a completely new response
to arise from spacious O n e.d e r m e n t.
It never fails to amaze.


what’s the big deal about bad habits?


habit = conditioned, repeated, mechanical action

who has them?
no entity here to own anything

how can they be changed then, or controlled?

what to do?

hairy who?

The addictive notion of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ is the only habit that’s really interesting – and then only until it hits home that habits are nothing to do with what we actually are which is:

(which includes the whole kit and caboodle, even those pesky ‘bad’ habits!)

Look very closely and you’ll find
that the Knowingness of every experience, addictive or not
is never affected for an instant.

And astonishingly, a side-effect of that in-sight
is that  the “conditioned, repeated, mechanical action”
one was identified with
ceases to be an issue.

So what’s the big deal about habits?


For new visitors to this blog, IT refers to that which cannot be named, but which we never tire of labeling:  life, aliveness, god, spirit, awareness, beloved, divinity, noumenon and on and on . . .


to awaken is to stop


to live is to move:
Life surges, pulses, flows, pushes, wanders, creeps
(just observe nature!)


to be is to be determined:
being is Life in movement
dancing the dance of destiny
through the corridors of conditioning
(just observe yourself!)


to awaken is to stop:
to stay still
to shut up
to stay silent
long enough
to let Life dance a new dance amongst the neurons



what is, without being?


me-mind is busy, as always
its commentary is ceaseless
a million factors feed and affect it:
environment, health, food, sleep
(or lack thereof), genetic structure
and the whole gamut of conditioning


what watches me-mind?
what sees, without sight?
what knows, without knowledge?
what is, without being?




and prior to any verb – alization



what is ‘right action’?


all the body-brain conditioning
acquired over a lifetime remains

it’s a myth that it’s somehow all
wiped away with a whiff of awakening

what does go, is the reflexive ‘me’ mirage
that habitually identified with that conditioning

when conditioned responses to Life
(re-actions) manifest,
Awareness lays them bare

some serve the survival needs of the organism;
these I associate with an intelligence
beyond comprehension

some serve the survival of the old illusory ‘self;’
these I associate with intellect
in its dualistic operation

so, what can be said about ‘right action?’

no action stands alone –
any action is an inevitable action
dependent upon and
interdependent with
the ceaseless activity
of non-personal, agenda-free

‘right action’ is just another concept