self-shining radiance weaves its world


This sweetly sun-drenched morn, not yet invaded by clamor of traffic and neighbors, is an artwork of breathtaking beauty.

Shadows, patterns, textures, tones and movement mingle – all woven together on the loom of color.

Color is light.

Look carefully at the world:
do you see anything but color?

Nothing but color.
Nothing but light.

Look again:
What is looking? What sees?

Nothing but looking.
Nothing but seeing.
Nothing but awareing.

Self-shining radiance is the weaver,
working at the loom of color vibration,
creating a world in which to see



incandescent eye candy


the I of these eyes
is flaming eastern sky
scarlet and coral
(gone so quickly!)
now quietly deeply blue
with scattered puffs of gold


looking up again
now they are apricot
now palest cream
now luminous white

and now the fingers of an immense light
reach over the eucalypts and into this little room

a new day has dawned!