I know that I know


floating, arms outstretched,
rolling like the playful whales
that so love this benign bay
turning down, head-first, diving,
sweeping the sandy bottoms,
rising again, breaking free into
sparkling sunlight
then doing it all again and again
in these balmy waters
called the Coral Sea

and I ask myself:
what is It that never gets wet?
what is It that never moves a muscle?
what is It that is aware-ing all this

and I know that I know,
have known It always,
have never been apart from It

and this is the greatest
of all


what’s the truth of the now-this-here?


twinkling flickering stars dance
on the wall of my little sanctuary

it’s easy to understand that they
aren’t ‘real’ stars, for one can also
see the brass candle-holder with its
tiny star-shaped perforations, and
one knows there’s a tea light
burning inside …

it’s less easy to understand
that the stars,
the candle container,
the candle and its flame
are all projections of perception
occurring in exactly the same manner

let’s look

what is actually experienced in this little scenario?
what is experienced before the naming, the describing?
what’s the truth of the now-this-here?

just this:
the eye sees color and it sees shape
the rest is inference and story

but since “eye” and “color” and “shape” are also stories
we need go deeper,
to the source of color and shape recognition:
and then to the source of perception itself:
changeless awareness

and then we need to find out whether
the observed can be split from the observer

can changeless awareness exist aside from
its awareing of … anything?

can anything exist without
changeless awareness awareing it?


beingness remains silent and ineffable


A concept of a self is necessary for function/interaction/communication with ‘things,’ including people that appear to be separate from that self.  It’s impossible to avoid the use of this concept when using language, which is crowded with personal pronouns: I-me-myself-mine …

There’s nothing wrong with any of this, but imagine how amazing it would be to form a way of wordifying the world without dualism’s defaults?  Imagine a language that was made up of vital verbs with little prefixes and suffixes to denote time and space?  I’m not the first to raise this possibility, and I realize that some indigenous languages approach it, but imagine if it was mainstream-speak.  Imagine how neat it would be to utter a phrase of this language and be understood – which would immediately imply a shared view of Beingness.

mind loves to move concepts around
ever building
ever organizing
ever explaining

but Beingness remains silent and ineffable
utterly unaffected by wordifying or worlding
while never for a second separate from them