suchness is my hermitage


milky morning sky breathes the promise of rain
but can’t be trusted

earth, trees, lizards, frogs, toads, billabongs and crusty creeks –
we all wait, thirsting

. . .


. . .

today, a broken tooth to take to the dentist

. . .

I’m in awe of the wild intelligence
of this beatland called body;
it’s always pointing the way, (yet
so often ignored and denied) 
always waiting in the same placeless place for
my scallywag mind to return

. . .

 this intimate suchness is my hermitage
my inescapable refuge
my hallowed wee hut 

. . .


Suchness:  a fundamental, intrinsic, or characteristic quality or condition  (
In my usage: the in-my-face as-it-is-ness of life.

Photograph by Tan Sim Louis Chong, incomparable photographer of skies.


great silence welcomes insomniacs


Habitual sleeping patterns are being trashed, like most other habit-bound activities. Initially there was anxiety about this.  All the usual fears around insomnia clamored to be heard.

When the penny dropped through the works and took with it the ‘wee-me’ that thought it was more than just a thought, it was no longer possible to be anxious about … well, anything really – not for long anyway.  This brings a new view on conditioned expectations and intentions about what ‘should’ be.  They are noticed for what they are and slip away under that scrutiny.

Sensitivity to what this energy mandala called body really needs – and it does have needs according to its unique configurations and evolution – sets conflicting mind-views at rest.

If this body doesn’t wish to sleep at night, as is the norm, so be it!  Let it sit.  Let it sink into its natural throbbing silence.  In deep sleep, with the ‘thinking’ button turned off by default, there is only this great silence.  In sitting as suchness, no stories spinning, that same great silence is all-embracing.  Beloved!