the language of life


insistence by the phantom poser we insist is real and solid and in control
that the body/mind/being should conform to its ideas and ideals
is poison; it’s probably the cause of most illness and disease
to say nothing of violence and brutality

when the tyrant takes off, deposed by a direct and ruthless look
body can reclaim its voice

at first, in little whispers, then louder
flowering with clarity, strength and wisdom


body’s language is the language of Life
uttered by Life, understood by Life
but unfathomable to the intellect


immense unfathomable spaciousness


what does surrender mean?

who does it?

and to what?

in the context of these notes, it’s a verb that takes no subject or object
it attempts to describe what ‘happens’ when the self-as-doer-construct dissolves, and the body-mind-being understands that it is purely and simply lived by Life

there’s no one feeling either happy or sad about this
but the sense of spaciousness is immense