noumenal nonsense


Wei Wu Wei speaks of noumenality
as “the presence of the absence of phenomena”

the words are precise, the meaning unambiguous
but how can it be said more simply?

tick-tock mind comes up with a suggestion-of-sorts:


where O
is pregnant emptiness
or the moon
or a riceball

and nth
stands for ‘now! this! here!’
or the furthest degree
of experience-ability and

and me
is an idea become belief

subtract the belief from the field of experiencing
and what’s left?

simply put – by another big W
that of which we cannot speak”

yet that which we
know to be ‘I’



on bondage, from owl and friends


bondage is merely a belief

who’s the believer that buys this belief?
who’s the prisoner that’s bound
– or not, for that matter?
who’s the victim needing salvation
or enlightenment?
where oh where can this ‘who’ be found?

who hoo t’whoo? asks owl
closing his bigBuddha eyes for the day
bally hoo bally hoo! says dove
getting on with getting on
wank wank wank! scolds willywagtail
enjoying his morning splash-about bath
(and ensuring it’s empty for the late-comers)


melt-down is inescapable


perception’s toolbox of technologies comes standard
it’s hard-wired into the operating system of human ‘be’-ings

but ‘personal’ applications of those technologies, with the ensuing explanations, meanings and beliefs about objects/events perceived, are wholly acquired

these acquisitions, imports from social consensus via parents, education, church and state, constitute the software called ‘self’

don’t ask me how, but unclouded apperception of this dynamic inserts a terminal virus into the hardware

melt-down is immanent and inescapable

the vast spacious freedom that was never absent for one moment

and you are in awe that such a simple shift
could change everything
yet alter nothing


just who is this ‘no one’?


no one here to believe or to not believe
no one here to have free-will or to not have free-will
no one here to choose or to not choose
no one here to care or to not care
no one here to surrender or to not surrender
no one here to witness or to not witness
no one here to be humble or to not be humble

but don’t be mistaken dear one
dis-identification isn’t the end of the story:

eradication is


ditching the death-grip


the grip of the imaginary me-self
is a death-grip

the grip IS the self

when that death-grip relaxed –
relaxed for a millisecond,
just long enough
for a rip in the cocoon to open
there was immediate
of its cause:

the fundamental illusion
in the living of a life
is the unexamined belief
that there is an object
that ‘does’ it …

when there is only a life being lived by Life


avoiding Grace


self-construct lives within a cocoon
woven on the loom of its experience

biological structure is the warp, experience is the weft

image-ination is the technology self – aka thought –
uses to patch up the rips in the cocoon

but these are the rips “through which Grace might pass”

(Simone Weil was onto it)

what inconceivable peace one patches over
with every suture stitched by belief!