the great way isn’t difficult


The Great Way isn’t difficult
– nor is it easy

aspiring to walk it
one hobbles oneself

better to sit down now,
rest your tired feet

and with a sweet sigh soak up
The Great View


The Great Way by Sengstan (Third Zen Patriarch)

no one owns this happiness


This body-mind rests as unwavering happiness.

How can that be so?

There’s a mangled knee, and surgery tomorrow.
There’s midge and mozzie mayhem.
There’s a stiff spine from a strange posture
held overlong in the studio …

Yet suchness equals happiness.

Who could fret about pain,
worry about surgery,
fuss over insect bites,
complain of a sore back
when every detail of every scenario
is simply what-is?

Without a hint of negation
aversion or denial
I fail to find any owner.

This body-mind rests as unwavering happiness
and that happiness, too,
is simply what-is.

Without a hint of desire
preference or aspiration
I fail to find any owner.