life’s lusciousness


a world full of the wonders of wetness this morning:

dry grey gum trunks lacquered black
bougainvillea blossoms bowing to earth
glistening tubs of terracotta
murmuring, chuckling down-pipes
puddles popping
tyres squishing, splashing
staccato-speak of roof tiles
ducks demanding more
earth silently sucking, sucking

the lusciousness of it all!


incandescent eye candy


the I of these eyes
is flaming eastern sky
scarlet and coral
(gone so quickly!)
now quietly deeply blue
with scattered puffs of gold


looking up again
now they are apricot
now palest cream
now luminous white

and now the fingers of an immense light
reach over the eucalypts and into this little room

a new day has dawned!




she who was depressed is nowhere to be found:
looking-without-labeling left only sensation devoid of
owner or sad-sack story

the sensation called “depression” spoke only of
the utter exhaustion of a brain and a body

with the absence of she who was depressed,
(hmmm … make that she who wanted to not be depressed)
it’s crystal clear that the body/brain just wants rest

it just wants story-free peace

it just wants to sink into this womb of gentle healing,
this fountainhead of sweet Grace:


exactly as-it-is!