wild wideawakeness isn’t a partial or incremental affair


Wild wideawakeness isn’t a partial or incremental affair.  (Perception is always partial, apperception is holistic.)

Awakening can be a bit like falling through the bottom of a long-drop into an ocean of crystal-clear brilliance.

At some point the long-drop and its contents are seen to be all you thought you were as a separate self – a person with characteristics, a history and a future.

And all of it – all of it – is seen as a wondrous manifestation of Awareness.

Awareness, fundamental and infinitely creative
is the ‘I’ that knows both the long-drop
and the oceanic clarity
as It-self.


[long-drop? This may be a term unique to the lands downunder, where it’s what we call an outdoor pit toilet.]

prajnaparamita: formless and timeless and inescapable


The apperception that existence is Life’s dream doesn’t occur simply because someone
drops the concept in your brain.
Their words might be pointers for contemplation, but that’s as far as they can reach.

is the completed assembly
of a jigsaw puzzle in local-mind

each piece of the puzzle represents a life question
which has been experientially resolved

the penultimate piece?
no separate entity here, there or anywhere!

and the ultimate piece?

only unknowable knowingness:
formless and timeless
and inescapable


there is nothing but grace


what is Grace?

there is nothing but Grace:

if sitting happens Grace puts butt on the cushion

if writing happens Grace pushes the pen

if anything is apperceived Grace is the giver of the gift

if anyone awakens Grace is the alarm clock

if all this is seen to be true, Grace is the seer




IT, again


more ‘IT’ musings this morning – such a rich little word!


apperception of IT
cancels the ‘I’
that you took yourself to be
with one small stroke

now that ‘I’ looks like a ‘T’

so, the I and the T come together: IT
and that’s exactly what we be!

this is the meaning of the cross of cruci-fiction:
no further personal fiction

only IT: now, just this, and right here


melt-down is inescapable


perception’s toolbox of technologies comes standard
it’s hard-wired into the operating system of human ‘be’-ings

but ‘personal’ applications of those technologies, with the ensuing explanations, meanings and beliefs about objects/events perceived, are wholly acquired

these acquisitions, imports from social consensus via parents, education, church and state, constitute the software called ‘self’

don’t ask me how, but unclouded apperception of this dynamic inserts a terminal virus into the hardware

melt-down is immanent and inescapable

the vast spacious freedom that was never absent for one moment

and you are in awe that such a simple shift
could change everything
yet alter nothing


ditching the death-grip


the grip of the imaginary me-self
is a death-grip

the grip IS the self

when that death-grip relaxed –
relaxed for a millisecond,
just long enough
for a rip in the cocoon to open
there was immediate
of its cause:

the fundamental illusion
in the living of a life
is the unexamined belief
that there is an object
that ‘does’ it …

when there is only a life being lived by Life