have you found that which never changes?


this thusness
is the body of beingness
yours, mine, and all the appearances taking the verb
‘to be’

it never moves yet it contains all that changes

have you found that which never changes?
that which  never moves?
that which never knows, labels or holds a belief about anything?

find that – it’s closer than your next thought
and Totality will at last embrace ITself




anything to report?

only apparent things apparently reported
by an apparent reporter to an apparent reader

since one apparent thing
is as good as another:

pigeons coo and bob
shadows flicker and fade
sun burns into the dawn
hand writes unthought words
thoughts think it’s miraculous
bum numbs on scrawny zafu
chuckling chuckles…

and inseparable from the display of appearances
something unknowable yet known

the nameless name

is omnipresent